NEWS: Tonight is the Start of Passover, and We Now Know What Albert Einstein Thought About It

Tonight is the first night of Passover, and Albert Einstein has something new to say about the Jewish holiday of liberation, thanks to a recently discovered -- or at least recently publicized -- letter.  Tablet magazine reports on an April 3, 1945 letter that the great physicist wrote to A. Goodman & Sons, a New York maker of matzo, the unleavened bread that is a staple of the Passover seder meal:

I thank you cordially for sending your excellent matzo. It is truly the only religious notion that falls on fertile soil with me.

Einstein's views about his faith were complicated: he was proudly Jewish, and crusaded against the anti-Semitism that forced him to flee Europe, but he was uncomfortable with organized religion; he was a Zionist, who believed in the founding of the State of Israel, but he also had misgivings.  It does seem, however, that there was one thing he was unambivalent about, matzo -- he was a believer.