VIDEO: The Great Gatsby is 92 Today--Listen to its Timeless Last 5 Paragraphs

The Great Gatsby was published April 10, 1925, 92 years ago today.  The book's own story is today the stuff of legend.  How F. Scott Fitzgerald originally wanted to call it Trimalchio in West Egg.  How it was greeted with decidedly mixed reviews. (H.L. Mencken, in the Chicago Daily Tribune, called it "in form no more than a glorified anecdote, and not too probable at that.") How Fitzgerald died thinking it had been forgotten.

Of course, quite the reverse happened, By the 1960s, The Great Gatsby had entered the canon, and today it sells some 500,000 copies a year.

The Great Gatsby -- by turns rich and magical and somber -- has one of the most poignant endings in all of literature.  Mark the day by clicking on the video below and listening to the timeless last five paragraphs, a rumination on the life of Jay Gatsby, ne, Jimmy Gatz, whose "dream must have seemed" -- before his tragic end -- "so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it."